«They know how to light up the audience’s heart: a sublime guitar and voice!»
Francia – Bailleul: “Comme ça de France”

Acoustic Trail

«Their exceptional musicalityis the perfect
way to convey feelings and emotions.

“La Famiglia Canterina” the NEW BOOK by Anita Camarella

«Songs from the radio, a guitar and a voice. War and hope. Music is a raft that can save us in the storm of life!»

Enriched with an audiobook, 10 original tracks, historical insights, curiosities about Italian swing and its protagonists, a playlist of 23 historical tracks, and embellished with fascinating illustrations by Marcello Milanese. This 80-page book is an exciting gateway into the universe of music and history.

Mandolin Songbook – PDF


84 arrangements of Fiddle tunes, Irish jigs and reels, Songs by Davide Facchini

136 pages in PDF, with standard notation and tablature

Discover a varied selection of songs in this collection of arrangements, ranging from traditional Irish melodies (like the Jigs in 6/8 time, the Slip Jigs in 9/8, the Hornpipes and the Reels in 4/4), to engaging American Fiddle Tunes, up to contemporary music compositions.


A phenomenal duo, excellent, just a voice and a guitar and yet it feels like an entire orchestra. Listening to these artists means receiving strong emotions!

Anita Camarella and Davide Facchini perform at prestigious festivals and events in Europe, the United States, and Italy. Their CD “La Famiglia Canterina” was awarded the “LadyLake Music Indie Awards” as Best Album of the year in the U.S.A.

They have collaborated with some of the biggest names in the current music and guitar scene such as Tommy Emmanuel, Paul Franklin, Frank Vignola, Carl Verheyen, Greg Koch, Muriel Anderson, and many others.

Their music has been broadcasted by radios in more than twenty countries around the world.

“One of the most beautiful Italian musical realities and one of the most worthy spokespersons of Italian culture in the world.”


Dicembre, 2023

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